We need access to all areas that are scheduled for mowing service. If you have a locked gate, please be sure it’s unlocked on your service day. If it must remain locked, we suggest a combination lock so that you can provide us with the code. If we’re unable to access any area of the property for any reason, we must skip that area until your next service. We’re unable to send a crew back or issue any refunds for not mowing an area that was inaccessible for any reason.

We ask that you please clear your yard of any obstructions, toys, hoses, dog leads, etc., before your regular mowing service day. We make every effort to move obstructions from our work area so that we don’t damage your property, our equipment, or cause any injury to our mowing crew.

Please leave your pets inside on your service day. We cannot service any yard where a pet is outside. We ask that you please pick up any toys, bones, and pet droppings before your regular service day.

If there is any damage to your property, please contact us immediately within 48 hours so that we can speak with the crew that was on-site and remedy the damage in a timely fashion at our expense. We will not honor any requests for repairs or damage that we were not made aware of and allowed to correct beforehand. If we’re unable to repair damage that we caused, we’ll make arrangements to hire a qualified professional.

In order to keep everything on schedule, we must keep a tight mowing schedule. If we suspect that a lot of rain is coming or a holiday is about to arrive, we may adjust your regular service day. We make that determination ourselves.This could result in us mowing your yard the day BEFORE or the day AFTER your regularly scheduled day. If you’d ever like us to skip your mowing service for any reason, you must notify us at least 24 hours before your regular service day. We also use Saturdays as make up days if necessary.

We work in certain neighborhoods on certain days. We’ll let you know what your regularly scheduled service day is. We reserve the right to adjust that day as necessary. If we need to adjust your regular service day on a permanent basis (not due to weather), we’ll let you know what your new regular service day is. We cannot guarantee what time of the day your service will occur. 

If you’d like to skip or adjust your service for any reason, you must notify us at least 24 hours before your regularly scheduled service. After a service skip, we’ll resume service the following week. Our mowing crews will NOT make a determination of whether or not your lawn should be cut. You must make that determination and let us know by phone or email.

All of our services are guaranteed. If you’re unhappy with a service for any reason, please contact the office right away so that we can discuss it with you. You can reach out by phone or email for a quick reply. Depending on the issue we will do one of the following: Have a supervisor out to see and correct the problem OR Send the crew back to fix the issue OR Correct the issue during your next scheduled service.

We make that determination based on a number of factors. We never want to cause damage to the turf. Many times we can adjust equipment & speed so that we can mow in wet conditions. Other times we may determine that we need to skip services for that day and mow on the next day that weather permits.

Yes, fully insured. We carry General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, and NYS Disability Insurance for our entire team. 

Yes! We can securely store your credit card information within the QuickBooks Software.

Yes! We invoice with QuickBooks Software. You can conveniently pay for service directly through the emailed invoice.

Your convenience is our priority and this is one of the reasons why you should work with Conte Lawn Care instead of another company.

We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.

We offer a variety of services including: Mowing, Mulching, Aerating, Fall Clean-up, Spring Clean-up, Planting, Seeding, Stump Grinding, Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Repairs, and Gutter Cover Installation.

You should work with us because we always put our customers and our team first. You’ll find that our pricing is honest & reasonable. The quality of our work is impeccable and our customer service is always top notch. We’re proud to have hundreds of highly satisfied clients and to be among the most & best reviewed local companies in the area.

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