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Stump Grinding Rochester NY

Tree Stump Removal Services

Conte Lawn Care offers tree stump grinding to deal with your tree stump problems once and for all. We can grind any stump large or small to below grade. It’s like it was never even there! We can also remove the chippings and bring in topsoil and seed to renovate the entire area.

Stump Grinding Rochester NY

You have finally cut down that dead tree in your yard, or are planning to, but now it's time to decide what to do with the stump. Conte Lawn Care offers professional stump grinding in Rochester, NY. Don't stop short of the entire tree removal because there are a couple of reasons why removing your stump is a good idea.

If you are spending time and effort (or have hired someone) to take care of yard maintenance, why not take care of the stump too? Otherwise, your entire yard will look nice and polished, but you will have a stump sticking out, which looks like an oversight in an otherwise immaculate lawn. Additionally, stumps can even encourage new growth. They provide an area for smaller sprouts to grow on and around, as well as weeds. If weeds and other life take hold here it becomes difficult to remove them because they are so close to the stump. It is better to avoid the hassle altogether by removing the stump with the rest of the tree.

Tree Stump Removal

Why Tree Stump Grinding is Important?

A decaying stump also attracts unwanted guests to your yards such as beetles, termites, and carpenter ants. The deadwood creates a great space to build their nests in and take up residence where they are not wanted. Removing them after this can create further problems because the insects have to be dealt with as well.

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Call Conte Lawn Care at (585) 497-5111 for expert tree stump removal and save yourself the headache of an unwanted tree stump. We also offer leaf removal in Rochester NY.

We offer stump grinding in Webster, Rochester, Penfield and Greece NY.