Gutter Cleaning Program

Gutter Cleaning Rochester NY

Stop Your Gutter From Looking Like This!

With our Gutter Cleaning Program, you never have to worry about dirty gutters again! Our highly trained professionals will be out to your home each Spring and Fall to make sure your gutters are in tip-top shape. Get the best gutter cleaning in Rochester NY and help keep your home water and damage-free with our convenient and affordable program!

Sign up for our 2x yearly Gutter Cleaning Program and receive the following!

  • Spring & Fall gutter cleaning (2 cleanings annually)
  • FREE courtesy system inspection with each cleaning where we can find and identify small problems before they become BIG problems
  • Discounted 1x yearly billing
  • No scheduling headaches. Program members always receive priority service
  • PLUS all the following additional perks!

Additional perks included when you sign up for our Gutter Cleaning Program

  • 25% off regular gutter cleaning price for additional cleaning’s needed (up to $49 value)
  • 20% off any needed gutter repairs (big $$ savings)
  • 25% off downspout screen installation (up to $30 value)
  • 15% off our FlexxPoint gutter guard installation (big $$ savings)
  • Priority emergency service (generally within 2 business day)

Spring Cleaning: April 1 - May 15

Fall Cleaning: October 19 - November 30


  1. Call us at 585-497-5111 or email us at, to let us know you’d like to join
  2. We’ll collect your contact and payment info
  3. You’ll be billed the quoted price + tax
  4. Sit back, relax, and enjoy

HOW MUCH IS IT? Pricing is based on some factors including the size of the home, the linear footage of gutters, single or 2-story home, and whether there are any difficult terrain features. In most cases, we can provide a quote over the phone or by email. Quotes are finalized once we look at the property in person.

HOW DOES SCHEDULING WORK? Once you’ve joined, you don’t have to worry about scheduling at all! Your gutter team will be out during the Spring service window and the Fall service window to clean your gutters. We’ll call and/or email you with a 2-day service window for when we’ll be out. No need to be home for the service to occur.


  1. You’ll receive a call and/or email with a 2-day service window.
  2. We leave a door hanger at your home with the date and time of service.
  3. We leave a customized Gutter Report upon completion.
  4. Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking, so we know exactly where each truck is and for how long.
  5. We have a 5-STAR reputation. We’ve done thousands of jobs in the area. We’re among the most reviewed & best-reviewed companies in the area!

Gutter Cleaning Services


Yes, absolutely! Conte Lawn Care, LLC carries full General Liability Insurance. We also carry NYS Workers Compensation Insurance on our entire team. All of our staff are also covered by our NYS Disability Insurance Coverage. 

HOW EXACTLY DO YOU CLEAN THE GUTTERS? Unlike so many other companies in our area, we HAND CLEAN every gutter that we work on. We work from ladders and from your roof. Debris is collected in a bucket and then bagged upon job completion. Many companies use blowers or hoses to “blast” everything out of your gutters. This results in a mess on your siding, windows, walkways, and vehicles, so you’re left with a mess and gutters that aren’t even very clean! Our method takes more time, but we know it’s done right!


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