Landscaping Services

Professional Landscaping Services in Rochester NY

Conte Lawn Care LLC offers a variety of services to help ease the burden of keeping your property in great shape. Our professional and insured team is always available to help you maintain and improve the aesthetics of your property! To get in touch fill out the contact form, or give us
a call at 585-497-5111.

We provide the following landscaping services:

Professional Lawn Mowing

Our lawn mowing service includes: Mowing of all grass areas; Trimming performed around all buildings, structures, driveway, walkways, garden beds, & fences; All driveways, sidewalks, streets, patios, and hardscapes will be blown off of any clippings.

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Spring/Fall Cleanup

​Stop wasting your weekends cleaning up Mother Nature’s mess! Conte Lawn Care LLC has the equipment and knowledge to tackle your Spring & Fall clean-up quickly & affordably.

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Professional Mulching

Aesthetically pleasing and beneficial to your yard. Mulching adds nutrients to your soil, helps prevent weeds from germinating, helps moderate soil temperatures, and retains moisture. We deliver!

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Bush/Hedge Trimming

​Are you (or your neighbor) tired of looking at your overgrown bushes & hedges? We can shape them up and make them look great again!

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Improve the overall health and look of your lawn with Core Aeration.

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​Interested in a fuller, more lush lawn? Over-seeding is a great way to improve the density of your lawn, fill in any bare spots, and enhance the overall appeal of your turf.

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Edging provides a crisp, clean and finished look for your lawn & landscaping. If you have unsightly grass growing onto your driveway & sidewalk, we can clean that up for an amazing professional look.

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