Lawn Maintenance Around Webster, NY

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About Our Services

Why spend your hard-earned money on a lawn mower that doesn’t work for you? If you take your lawn seriously and want it to look and feel great all season, make sure you have regularly scheduled service with us! Conte Lawn Care will not only mow your lawn to an appropriate height but will also edge and trim along the sides to leave a neat, finished look. If you’re interested in a routine lawn mower that will take great lengths to work with your preferences or even a one-time mowing, Conte can handle your lawn mowing needs.

Our Professional Services

Lawn Mowing

This section can show steps in a process, such as for lawn fertilization or weed control.

Edging & Trimming

It can also show examples. A hardscape specialist could show different kinds of patios, or maybe different locations, such as the front and back yard, or something like that.

Our Program

You can schedule mowing service on a weekly, bi-weekly, or one-time basis. Our lawn mowing services include:

  • Mowing all grassy areas.
  • Trimming around all buildings, structures, driveways, walkways, garden beds, & fences.
  • Blowing clippings from all driveways, sidewalks, streets, patios, and hardscapes.

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