Spring/Fall Cleanups

Spring Clean Upleaf removal rochester ny

You want your yard and garden to look its best, our company is a trusted name in lawn care Rochester NY. We will be happy to help!

Benefits of a Spring Clean-up:

  • Ensure your garden beds are clean and your plants have room to grow and get the sun and nutrients they need
  • Leaves and debris leftover from the fall may have been hiding underneath the Rochester snow all winter long, leaving a messy yard come warmer weather
  • Prep your yard for the mowing season!

A spring clean-up from Conte Lawn Care LLC includes:

  • Cleaning up any leftover Fall leaves from your lawn, garden beds, and hard surfaces
  • Collecting limbs and debris
  • Trimming and pruning any perennial plants that were not done in the Fall
  • Removal & disposal of leaves from the property

Leaf Removal Rochester NY

Benefits of a Fall Clean-Up:

  • Leaves left on the yard can suffocate the grass and hold moisture underneath the snow all winter long
  • Prevents snow and ice damage from uncleaned leaves and trees surrounding the home

A Fall Clean-up from Conte Lawn Care LLC includes:

  • Cleaning & clearing the property of leaves from lawn areas, garden beds, and hard surfaces
  • Collecting limbs & debris
  • Trimming and pruning perennial plants
  • Removal & disposal of all leaves from your property

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We offer leaf removal in Webster, Greece, Penfield, and Rochester, NY